PPR application

PPR to ESSL may be granted by Linköpings Flying Club (LFK) or by Linköping City Airport.

LFK will only grant permission to park on the general aviation center apron north of the runway. Visitors to the terminal shall contact Linköping City Airport.

For PPR from LFK, use this form and await confirmation.

We are having some problems with this PPR form, if you do not receive any reply to this form please mail the information directly to nilpe@me.com or phone +46 734 18 32 99

Aircraft registration ID (mandatory)

Estimated time of arrival (date, time) (mandatory)

Estimated time of departure (date, time) (mandatory)

Pilot's name (mandatory)

Number of passengers (mandatory)

Pilot's phone number (mandatory)

Pilot's e-mail (mandatory)

Fuel request

Room request

Message to LFK

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