PBN approval

LFK ATO has the pleasure to offer a TS-approved theoretical and practical PBN approval course.

LFK ATO PBN Ground Course 2018-06-10

According to EASA; all IFR-rated pilots must have a PBN endorsement before 2020-august-25 or they will loose their IFR-rating. Please see Transportstyrelsen home page.

The syllabus is according to EASA recommendation. Start by taking the ground course and then complete the training with our flight instructors. You are welcome to use LFK PA-28. After completed training your flight instructor will write an endorsement in your pilot log bock and you are good to go PBN-IFR.

We welcome all pilots and interested! We have run the course for more than 200 mixed civilian and military pilots and engineers at SAAB and FMV. We are specially happy to welcome Norwegian pilots who has shown a special interest in attending the course!

The course will be taught in English or Swedish depending on the need of the students attending.

Next course in Linköping at the Aeroclub or remotely via internet is 2020-09-27 at 09.00-13.00. Followed by a test that is corrected jointly 16-17 the same day. After approved test a Ground Course Completion Certificate is issued.

Please sign up to head of training!

The ground course cost is 2000:- SEK.
Flight instruction is charged according to IFR-training and PC-rates.

Please contact head of training jonna@lfk.se to sign up for the next PBN-session!

Ground course

Block 1: PBN Concept

  • Principles
  • Components
  • Scope

Block 2: Navigation specifications

  • RNAV and RNP
  • Navigation functional requirements
  • Designation of RNP and RNAV specifications

Block 3: Use of PBN

  • Airspace planning
  • Approval
  • Specific RNAV and RNP system functions
  • Data processes

Block 4: PBN Operations

  • PBN principles
  • On-board performance monitoring and alerting
  • Abnormal situations
  • Database management

Block 5: Requirements of specific RNAV and RNP specifications

  • RNAV10
  • RNAV5
  • RNAV/RNP1/2
  • RNP4
  • A-RNP

Block 6: Hands on guide to PBN flight

  • Small aircraft implementation example
  • Example flight from ESSL to ESGJ i PA-28

Flight instruction

  1. Pre-flight operations and departure
  2. En-route IFR procedures*
  3. Arrival procedures
  4. 3D operations*
  5. 2D operations*

* (Must be performed by sole reference to instruments)

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