Bem-vindo nossos amigos brasileiros

12244278_10208186144956031_1573653746191856572_oToday Linköping Flying Club was visited by brazilian engineers with their families. Members of our club that are also Saab employes wanted to show their new colleagues Linköping from above.

The weather was perfect! Cold air gives high trust in the engines. There was no turbulence and the visibility was almost endless. The first snow painted the areas around Linköping white.

We had three aircraft at our disposal. Two PA-28 and one DA-20. During they day almost 30 persons had the chance to come up in the air. For some it was the first time they flew in a small aircraft like the PA-28.

The route we flew was first to the north to exit Saab airspace at Östra Harg. Then we contacted Östgöta control and requested to climb to 2000 ft above Linköping. After passing Linköping we flew south and turned at Bjärka-Säby castle. Finally we flew back to Linköping passing Hovetorp and Sturefors castle before landing again at Saab airport.

The response was great. Everyone seemed to have had a wonderful day and enjoyed the flying. At least two would take up flying when they come back to Brazil and another, that already has a brasilian pilot license, will maybe become a member of our club in order to rent a aircraft to fly by himself.

For us who did the flying it was also a great day. Flying is always fun, but it is even better when you have the chance to show someone else how fun it can be.

Many thanks to Mikael, Fabrice and Fredrik who together with myself piloted our aircraft!

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  1. Neela Kalvala Macedo

    Thank you so much for this amazing experience. I will never forget it.

  2. Thank you so much!!! It was an amazing experience!!! Looking forward to fly with Linköping Flygklubb again!

  3. Mariana sarri

    Its amazing day! Thank you so much! ??

  4. THANK YOU LFK TEAM! It was really an amazing day.

  5. Björn Rystedt

    I am happy that you all enjoyed the flying! Hopefully we will be able to something similar in the spring with those of you that have not had the chance to fly in Sweden yet. You are also very welcome to visit the club and if you have a brasilian pilot certificate you are also welcome to become a member in LFK and we will help you with the authorities requirements in order to be able to rent a Swedish Aircraft and fly. It is also possible to do a test-lesson with one of our instructors. COntact the club at

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